Bali by motorcycle? Anyone can do that, why not go off island and explore Java too.

You can take our motorcycles on the ferry to Java and if you want to go all the way to Jakarta just let us know and we'll bring them back so you're not wasting your holidays doubling up. All bikes are in excellent condition and they are 125cc bikes, not scooters, so you have enough power to tackle Java's mountains and traffic.

All our bikes are now fitted with two additional features specially designed to make long distance riding in Indonesia easier:

Smart-phone holder that adapts to fit ANY phone so you can use it as a GPS.

Smart-phone charger (uses USB port) to ensure your phone is constantly charged.

A couple of extra's:
Daily hire fee from US$15 p/day
One way relocation fee US$95
Australian standard helmets US$2 p/day
66L waterproof luggage panniers US$2 p/day
Strictly one person per bike
All bikes are maintained in 'as new' status


  • Phone Adapter

    Smart phone holder will adjust to hold ANY phone nice and high so you can read it easily without distraction.

  • GPS - Google maps

    Local directions are not always useful so use your smart phone as a GPS to save yourself time and prevent getting lost.

  • Phone Charger

    As long as your phone charger cable plugs into a USB port you can charge your phone while you're riding.

  • The Fleet

    Suzuki Thunder 125cc bikes. All are relatively new and have low km's so you can be confident wherever you take them.

  • Driving Speed

    The speed limit in Indonesia is usually 60km/hr but we suggest using 40km/hr when calculating times between towns.

  • Eating Out

    You'll find food carts on every corner selling hot meals for around 50 cents!